Housing Application Information

Guidance Notes
Welcome to Havering’s Housing Register online application form. Please note that this application is for new housing applications only. If you are already on the housing register, but want to notify a change of circumstances, complete the change of circumstances form to update your details.
About the on-line form
You will be asked for information about you and all the people included in your application. This means you have to provide full names, dates of birth, income, address history and any history of unacceptable behaviour to complete the form. It is a good idea to have all this information ready before you start. However, you can partially complete and save the form so that you can access it again at a later date.
The Housing Application form is completed in two parts. Once you have completed the form below, you will then need to complete the second part of your Housing Application on our portal (My Havering Account)
As soon as both parts of the form have been fully completed and submitted, your Housing Application will then be automatically passed to the Housing Choice and Applications team for an initial assessment. As part of this, your Housing Application will be assessed to determine your eligibility and qualification criteria for joining the Housing Register and the final outcome will be provided by email.
Before filling the form it is advisable to check whether you would meet the Qualification Criteria to join Havering’s Housing Register. We recommend you read the full Housing Allocation scheme which is available on the website at Havering Housing Allocation Scheme.
If you have any problems completing the application form
Please use our Ask Housing contact form if you have any issues completing the application, alternatively you can contact the Housing Choice and Applications Team on 01708 434130 or email housingneeds@havering.gov.uk
Privacy statement and information sharing
The information you provide in the pre-assessment from will be used to assess your social housing application.
We are permitted by law, in order to prevent and detect fraud or any other criminal activity, to share some of the information provided by you with other agencies making lawful requests for such information.
In addition, we may take part in data matching exercises for example under the National Fraud Initiative to verify the information which you provide. We may also cross check the information you provide with credit reference agencies or through the National Association of Fraud investigators for the purposes of fraud prevention. This sort of data sharing is in addition to the sharing we carry out with your consent
Please DO NOT use Internet Explorer as it is no longer supported and may cause issues with the Application Form.

1. Main Applicant Details

2. Current Address

3. Correspondence Address (if different to above)

If you have no permanent address and wish for letters from us to be sent to a friend or relative's home please give their details here

4. Your Contact Details

Please provide a correct phone number AND email address, as we cannot process your application without this information

5. Eligibility Criteria - Immigration Status

The following questions will help in deciding if you might be eligible for social housing. If you are not, you can still obtain housing advice.

6. Qualification Criteria

Only applicants who meet the qualification criteria set out below will be included on the housing register.

(a) Age

The following questions will help in deciding if you might be eligible for social housing. If you are not, you can still obtain housing advice.

(b) Residency

(c) Property ownership

(d) Financial details

(e) Unacceptable behaviour

Have you or a member of your household been involved in the following unacceptable behaviour where formal action has been taken within the last 2 years?